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Rules for Authors

Participants wishing to present an oral communication, a poster or to participate by correspondence should to upload the Abstract on the Conference web-site not later than on June 20 July 20, 2012. The Abstract can be uploaded at participant personal page after authorization with the username and password created upon online registration. Printed copies of Abstracts sent by ordinary mail or by fax will not be accepted.

The Abstract (no longer than 1 page) should be prepared in English using only Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx or .rtf ) or OpenOffice Writer (.odt) and may include any graphics, pictures, formulae, schemes etc.. The main text of the Abstract is to be 12 pt; graphics and chemical formulae should be located within the text. Cited literature should be placed at the end of the text.

For chemical structures ChemDrawSymix/ISIS Draw or ChemSketch in ACS drawing style should be used.

Name of a file with the Abstract should contain the participant Family Name and first letter(s) of her(his) First Name(s). If a participant has two or more Abstracts the ordinal number of the Abstract should be included into the file name (e.g., IvanovPS_2.doc, SmithJS_5.odt).

Participants are strongly recommended to use MS Word and OO Writer templates for the preparation of Abstracts.

Files with Abstracts uploaded after June 20 July 20, 2012 or not prepared according to these instructions may not be included to the Book of Abstracts.

The Organizing Committee will select the limited number of Oral Presentations. Notifications of selection of Abstracts as Oral Presentations will be mailed to the author on July 2 July 30, 2012.


Poster presentation

Poster will be displayed on poster boards (100 cm high and 100 cm wide). Free-standing

displays and/or sound/projecting equipment are not permitted as a part of a poster.