Plenary lecturers


Adekenov Sergazy Mynzhasarovich

Full member of National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan

Director of Research and Production Center "Phytochemistry"

Karagandy, Kazakhstan


"Searching for natural sesquiterpene lactones – sources of new drug substances"



Professor Aliev1

Aliev Gjumrakch

MD&PhD, Professor  of Cardiovascular and Neuropathology, University of Atlanta, USA and
President «GALLY» International Biomedical Research Institute, Inc.

San Antonio, Texas, USA


"Mitochondrial Dependent Oxidative Stress Induced Cellular Hypoperfusion, Erythrocyte Metabolism, and Calcium Signaling in the Context of Neurodegeneration and Cancer: Recent Challenges"



Bachurin Sergei Olegovich

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Director of Institute of Physiologically Active Compounds of RAS

Chernogolovka, Russia


"Contemporary Approaches for Pharmacological Intervention of Alzheimer’s Disease"




Boldyreva Elena Vladimirovna

Professor of Novosibirsk State University

Head of the Group of Reactivity of Solids, Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry of SB RAS

Novosibirsk, Russia


"From pharmaceutical substances to pharmaceutical formulations. How can solid state chemistry help?"



Charushin Valeriy Nikolaevich

Full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Director of Institute of Organic Synthesis, Ural Branch of RAS

Yekaterinburg, Russia


"Heterocyclic motif in medicinal chemistry"



Matt Cooper LCD023 ForWeb

Cooper Matt

NHMRC Principal Research Fellow
Professor, Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Professor, School of Chemistry & Molecular Bioscience

Brisbane, Australia


"Rational design of antibiotics and NSAIDs"



Danilenko Valerii Nikolaevich

Danilenko Valery Nikolaevich

Dr.Biol.Sci., Professor Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)

Head of the Department of Genetics and Biotechnology, Vavilov Institute of General Genetics (VIGG)

Moscow, Russia


"Mycobacterium tuberculosis «hybrid warfare»”: virulence, pathogenicity, persistence and drug resistance. New counteraction concept."


Gudasheva ta


Gudasheva Tatiana Alexandrovna

Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences

Head of the Department of Medicinal Drugs Chemistry, Zakusov Institute of Pharmacology
Moscow, Russia


"The fundamental basis and approaches for dipeptide drugs development"






Hwu Jih-Ru


National Tsing Hua University,

President of Asian Federation for Medicinal Chemistry

Hsinchu, Taiwan


"Modern developments in new drugs and their delivery by nanomaterials"





Ivanov Andrey Viktorovich
Director of Irkutsk Scientific Center, Siberian Branch of RAS
Irkutsk, Russia


"Search for socially important drugs in Favorsky Irkutsk institute of chemistry"



 Kalevi Kairemo 003

Kalevi Kairemo
MD, PhD, MSc(Eng), professor
Chief Physician, Molecular Radiotherapy & Nuclear Medicine Docrates Cancer Center
Helsinki, Finland


"Ga-68 and Lu-177-labelled peptide conjugates in cancer theranostics"


Khazanov Veniamin Abramovich


Director of Innovative Pharmacological Research (IPHAR) Co., Ltd

Tomsk, Russia


"Drug development R&D center «IPHAR»"


Kiselev Oleg Ivanovich

Full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Director of Research Institute of Influenza

St. Petersburg, Russia


"Antiviral drugs against Ebola infection: novel targets and perspective"




Kochetkov Sergey Nikolaevich

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Head of the Department of the Molecular Base of Action of Physiologically Active Compounds, Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology RAS (EIMB RAS)

Moscow, Russia


“Development of new antivirals: problems and prospects”



Lavrik Olga Ivanovna
Correspondent Member of Russian Academy of Sciences
Head of the Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry of Enzymes
Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine

Novosibirsk, Russia

"Human Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase 1: new activities and development of enzyme inhibitors as anticancer drugs"






Milaeva Elena Rudolfovna


Moscow State Lomonosov University

Head of the laboratory of bioorganometallic chemistry


Moscow, Russia


“Metal-based drugs: State of the art”


Moshkin Mikhail Pavlovich
Professor, Dr.
Head of the department of experimental animal genetic resources, The Federal Research Center Institute of Cytology and Genetics, SB RAS
Novosibirsk, Russia



   “Animal models and hightechnologal phenotyping for drug descovery”

Nifantiev Nikolai Eduardovich

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

N. D. Zelinsky Institute Of Organic Chemistry RAS (ZIOC RAS)

Moscow, Russia


"Seaweed fucoidans – a platform for new drugs discovery"

Photo VP 2

Patchev Vladimir

Dr. med.
Project Manager, Center for Clinical Studies,
Jena University Hospital

Jena, Germany


"Industrial drug discovery – splendor, misery and revival"


Pokrovsky Andrei Georgievich

Professor, Dean of Department of Medicine

Novosibirsk State University

Novosibirsk, Russia


"Cell and molecular models for search and study antiviral and anticancer compounds"


Pommier Yves

M.D., Ph.D.

Chief, Developmental Therapeutics Branch and Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, NIH

Bethesda, USA





Poroikov Vladimir Vasilievich


Institute of Biomedical Chemistry

Moscow, Russia


"WAY2DRUG - web-resource for drug discovery"


Sham Nikam

Head of the Extra Value Generation & General Medicine Drug Discovery Unit, Pharmaceutical Research Division, Takeda Pharmaceutical company

Tokyo, Japan


"Chemical, Biological and Disease space complementarity in Drug Discovery"


Shtil Alexander Albertovich


N. N. Blokhin Cancer Center

Moscow, Russia


"Intracellular targets and therapeutic efficacy of antitumor drugs: a complex liaison"




Stonik Valentin Aronovich

Full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Director of G. B. Elyakov Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Far-Eastern Branch of RAS

Vladivostok, Russia


"Recent studies on bioactive natural products from marine organisms"



Vlassov Valentin Viktorovich

Full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Director of Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine, Siberian Branch of RAS

Novosibirsk, Russia


"Therapeutic nucleic acids"



Zefirov Nikolai Serafimovich

Full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Moscow State University

Institute of Physiologically Active Compounds of RAS

Moscow, Russia


"Molecular design of bivalent or dual action drugs"






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