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Vorozhtsov Institute of Organic Chemistry of Siberian Branch of the RAS together with Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine of Siberian Branch of the RAS has developed a new highly effective low toxic anticancer agent – METHYL ETHER 2-CIANO-3,12-DIOXO-1(2),11(9)-DIEN-11-DEOXO GLYCYRRHETINIC ACID. The compound is synthesized from glycyrrhetinic acid – the main metabolite of licorice root. The given agent is an analogue of bardoxolone methyl which belongs to a fundamentally novel type of anticancer agents [now the agent is at the late-stage clinical trials in Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc., USA].


The agent displays high anticancer activity against a broad spectrum of tumor cell types, including the cells exhibiting multidrug resistance phenotype.


Technical and economic advantages

  • Semi-synthetic low toxic agent causing programmed cancer cells death (apoptosis).
  • Produced from available and cheap domestic raw materials (the cost of starting materials in the production of the agent is 60 times lower as compared to that of a widely tested analogue).
  • Activity of the agent is 4 times higher than the activity of its analogue.



  • Chemotherapy of oncology diseases.


Patent of the RF № 2401273 ofOctober 10, 2010 «Anticancer triterpene agent obtained by modification of glycyrrhetinic acid». О.V. Salomatina, N.F. Salakhutdinov, G.A. Tolstikov, Е.B. Logashenko, М.А. Zenkova, V.V. Vlasov.


Practical realization

  • Pre-clinic testing in vitro.
  • Development of laboratory production methods.
  • Pilot batch of the agent.


Commercial offer

Cooperation in organization of commercial/industrial production.




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