N.N. Vorozhtsov Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry
Of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

Елена Григорьевна БагрянскаяDoctor of physical-mathematical sciences (1998). A specialist in the field of physical chemistry, the development and application of new magnetic resonance methods for the study of mechanisms of chemical reactions, including radical polymerization, the structure and function of biopolymers, study the properties of molecular magnets, the author of over 150 scientific articles and 6 chapters in monographs, more than 400 abstracts at international conferences.

Born on 11.07.1958 in the town of Karakol Kyrgyz SSR.

1981 -  graduated from Novosibirsk State University on the speciality "Physics" in "Physics" (specialty chemical physics).

Her Scientific activity connected with the institutes of the Siberian Branch ot Russian Academy of Sciences:

  • 1981 to 1985 - Novosibirsk State University's graduate student
  • 1985-1990 - junior research fellow
  • 1990-1993 - scientist and Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion SB RAS
  • 1993-2012 - head of the group and then head of the laboratory of the International Tomography Center SB RAS
  • 2012-2015 - appointed acting director of the Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry, SB RAS
  • 2015-present - elected director of the Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry, SB RAS (and approved Fano)
  • 2012 2016 - head of the laboratory of physical methods of research NIOCh, from 2016 to the present charge of the laboratory magnetic radio spectroscopy and directs the Department of Physical Organic Chemistry, Institute of Organic Chemistry SB RAS.
In 1985 she defended his thesis
in 1998 doctoral thesis on the theme "Development and application of new methods for the study of spin polarization of photochemical radical reactions." 2002 -Approved with the rank of professor. 


The main areas of her research interests to develop new highly sensitive time-resolved magnetic resonance methods for detecting short-lived radical species and their application to the study of radical reactions mechanisms of electron-nuclear spin polarization and electronic relaxation in a very weak magnetic fields; polymerization controlled by nitroxides; research and application of the functional properties of the spin probes, spin labels based on nitroxyl radicals and trityl and supramolecular complexes; the use of magnetic resonance methods for studying the structure and function of biopolymers and new magnetic materials

E.G Bagryanskaya is a member of the editorial board of the journal "Applied Magnetic Resonance", a member of ISMAR Committee (International Society for Magnetic Resonance), Vice-President of the International EPR Society (the IES), president of Pacific EPR Society (APES), President of the Russian EPR society, expert of RSF and the Russian Federal Property Fund, a professor of Japanese society for the Promotion of science (JSPS). Bagryanskaya EG  worked as a professor at Oxford University, Tohoku University, Japan, in Provence University, the University of Zurich and the University of North Carolina. Under the leadership of E.G.Bagryanskoy successfully defended 14 PhD theses and more than 20 theses, and was the scientific consultant of one doctoral thesis. Bagryanskaya EG - Member of the Academic Council and the Board of the doctoral dissertation at the Institute of Organic Chemistry SB RAS. Bagryansky EG over 200 interpreters, invited and plenary lectures at international conferences, she yavletsya organizer of several international conferences.

E.G.Bagryanskaya - winner of President Grant for young PhDs (1996-1998), winner of the young doctors of Russian Science Support Foundation in 2001-2002. She was and is the head of a number of grants to RSF, Russian Federal Property Fund, the federal programs, CRDF, INTAS, etc., has a diploma from the SB RAS and the Novosibirsk region. Bagryanskaya EG He is a member of the Scientific Council of Institute of Organic Chemistry SB RAS, a member of the Dissertation Council D 003.049.01 at the Institute of Organic Chemistry SB RAS. For more than 10 years was a member of dissertation councils in the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry SB RAS and SB RAS ICKC.