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α,α'-Bis (imino)-2,3:5,6-bis (pentamethylene)pyridines appended with benzhydryl and cycloalkyl substituents (12) Applied Organometallic Chemistry, First published: 06 September 2021, e6429


Selectively Fluorinated Furan-Phenylene Co-Oligomers Pave the Way to Bright Ambipolar Light-Emitting Electronic Devices (15) (IF 18,808) : Advanced Functional Materials, First published: 27 August 2021


Aerosol Inhalation Delivery of Cefazolin in Mice: Pharmacokinetic Measurements and Antibacterial Effect (14) International Journal of Pharmaceutics Volume 607, 25 September 2021, 121013


Impact of fluorination and chlorination on the electronic structure, topology and in-plane ring normal modes of pyridines (12) Enrico. Benassi, T. Vaganova, E. Malykhin, Haiyan. Fan, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2021, V. 23, N. 34, Pp.18958-18974

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