N.N. Vorozhtsov Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry
Of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

The Institute has opened its own The Pilot plant in the structure of the Institute made it possible to develop chemical technology of fine organic synthesis and processing of vegetables raw materials, commercialize production processes of chemical materials and reagents and produce it on request basis.

Прикладные разработки Института

The joint work of scientific-research and engineering subdivisions carried out in cooperations with other Institutes of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences allowed to implement of perspective projects:

  • the development of production technologies of DETA repellent;
  • aromatic polyamines - monomers for thermo- and fire-resistant polymers, including those used in the production of "Lola" synthetic fabric for space suits of the Soyuz-Apollo space station astronauts;
  • nucleicacid for genetic engineering studies;
  • plant pests insecticide "Alacib";
  • antioxidants, polymer thermo- and photostabilizers based on sterically hindered alkylated phenols;
  • "Novosil" - the product increasing the yield of a number of important agricultural crops;modern pharmacologically active materials;various adhesives and adhesive
  • compounds for food and woodworking industries;
  • nitroxyl radicals , which found wide practical application in various field of science and technique;
  • awide range of base polyfluoroaromatic compounds;
  • a new quenching medium for thin wall components made of aluminium alloys;
  • production of "Sosna" - a brazing flu - a component of solder alloys designed for soldering non-ferrous metal products;
  • "Aluminitypy - printing technology for photographs on aluminium and its alloys.