The most important scientific achievements

N.N. Vorozhtsov Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry
of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Synthesis of pharmacologically promising agents is a highly effective analgesics, antidepressants, and antiulcerogenic agents using methods of metal-complex catalysis
  • Development of new methods of synthesisof polydeuterated trailing radicals and its application in diagnostic methods of localization of malignant tumors and maintenance of treatment by means of chemo- and radiotherapy.
  • Obtained analog of the well-known high-performance anticancer drug bardoxolone methyl with a higher ability to cause cancer cell death.
  • A new method of management radical polymerization reaction with possibility to pick up the optimum condition for various polymerization of monomers.
  • Developed technological method of synthesis of the first perforated polyimide AB-type - a promising material for optical communication equipment.
  • Synthesized non-toxic compound with antiparkinsonin activity at the level of the best currently used drugs.
  • Synthesized (from usnic acid) derived manifesting high activity against H1 N1 flu which is more then 7 times the activity of rimantadine.
  • A basically new method of introducing volumetric spirocyclic substituent in the environment of radical centre with getting nitroxyl radicals, resistant to the influence of the biogenic repairers.
  • The synthesis of new spin-labeled hybrid materials - biologically active contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging.
  • A new methodology and synthesized compounds with a high biological activity. 13- arylevdesmanolides patented as a new group of promising antiulser agents.
  • Found antagonism hypnotic drug chloral hydrate, which, the process of awakening is increasing in several times. This effect is explained not only by the introduction of low microdoses, but also reveals an opportunity to reduce the use of drugs.
  • Developed new approach to the synthesis of mono functional stable triarylmethyl radicals - potentially important for medical diagnosis, biological and spectroscopic applications.
  • The method of synthesis of derivatives of polyfluorinated 1,4-naphtoquinone. On results of the primary testing revealed their high cytotoxic activity against myeloma cells and breast adenocarcinomas person exceeding the efficiency of control of substances in 6-30 times, and antioxidant activity against a background of low overall toxicity.