N.N. Vorozhtsov Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry
Of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences


 Иван Тимофеев

магистрант НГУ,
сотрудник ЛМР

награжден дипломом  Международной конференции за стендовый доклад.

Springеr Postеr Prize Winnеr

51st Annual International Meeting 
of the ESR Spectroscopy Group
of the Royal Society of Chemistry

51st RSC ESR Conference
London, United Kingdom
8 April 2018 - 12 April 2018  



И.О. Тимофеев


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Poster Prizes

IES Poster Prize

The RSC ESR Group Committee is delighted to announce that in total six poster prizes will be awarded to the best poster presentations by young researchers at the 51st Annual International Meeting of the ESR Spectroscopy Group of The Royal Society of Chemistry. All posters presented by young researchers at the conference will be automatically considered for these prizes.

These poster prizes are generously provided by:

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