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N.N. Vorozhtsov Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry
Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science

Perfluorinated polyimides for optical communication technologies

 Convenient method of the synthesis of the first perfluoaromatic polyimide of AB-type was elaborated on the base of tetrafluorophthalic acid. Unique optic characteristics of new polymeric material in near IR region were demonstrated.



Group of functional materials – PhD Vaganova T.A., PhD Malykhin E.V., PhD Shundrina I.K..



An unique approach to the synthesis of the previously unknown hybrid phenoxyl-nitroxides based on derivatives of 2-aryl-4H-imidazole was developed.

Derivatives of the new class of radicals represents high melting crystalline substances, stable at ordinary conditions (they could be stored and handled in an oxygen atmosphere at room temperature during considerable period of time). Hybrid radicals characterized both stability of ordinary nitroxides and structural features of galvinoxyls. According to the X-ray analysis, the lengths of key bonds in the molecule of crystalline hybrid radical corresponds phenoxyl structure. At the same time, in the solution, as follows from the ESR spectra, large values of hfs constants on the nuclei of nitrogen aN1 = 5.27 G and aN3 = 0.63 G, as well as the g-value 2.0055 ÷ 2.0065 indicating a significant contribution of nitroxide moiety.



The synthesized radicals are interesting as potential bifunctional hybrid catalysts used for mild and selective oxidation of alcohols, as well as chelates for the preparation of mixed organometallic paramagnetic materials. New hybrid monomeric radicals can be used as basis for preparation of polymeric electroactive materials, analogues of poly(stirylgalvinoxyls), extensively developed materials for creation of flexible completely organic rechargeable thin-film batteries.

Laboratory of nitrogenous compounds NIOC SB RAS
Head of Lab: Prof. Grigor’ev, I.A.
Developers: Assoc. prof. Mazhukin, D.G.;
Grad. Student Lomanovich, A.V.;
Dr. Amitina, S.A.;
Student Sal’nikov, O.G.;
Grad. Student Ten, Yu.A.


New compound with high anti-Parkinsonian activity has been synthesized. The agent may be used for monotherapy of the disease.

The compound was synthesized from α-pinene, which is the main component of turpentine.

In comparison with existing medicine used for treating Parkinson disease such as L-Dopa (Levodopa) the agent is less toxic and doesn’t possess serious side effects associated with L-Dopa.

The compound is on the stage of preclinical investigation now.




Laboratory of physiologically active compounds NIOC SB RAS.

Head of Lab: Prof. N.F. Salakhutdinov,
Developers: Dr. K.P. Volcho, 
Grad. Student O.V. Ardashov 
PhD. I,V. Il'ina, PhD D.V. Korchagina

Effective antiviral compound


According to an official statement by the World Health Organization smallpox was eradicated in 1980. However, the risk of contracting it remains. That is why in the world do not stop the search of effective antiviral compounds. One of them - NIOC-14 - developed by scientists of the N.N. Vorozhtsov Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry together with specialists from the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology "Vector".



This compound inhibits the replication of orthopoxviruses in cell cultures at concentrations of several nanograms to several tens of nanograms per milliliter. This suggests good prospects for using this compound.



Laboratory of Intermediate Products, Dr.Sci, PhD A.Ya. Tikhonov
Responsible Performer: Senior Researcher, Ph.D. B.A. Selivanov




Разработан новый подход к построению три- и тетразамещенных, конденсированных с каркасным углеводородом пиридинов.

В качестве исходного соединения выступает азотистое производное терпена - a,b-ненасыщенный оксим пинокарвона.




Лаборатория терпеновых соединений, проф., д.х.н. А.В. Ткачев

Ответственный исполнитель: асп. Е.С. Васильев


The general method of synthesis of polyfluoroaromatic aldehydes, ketones and unaccessible perfluorinated ortho-substituted diphenylketones from a) polyfluoroaromatic zinc derivatives and from b) perfluorinated benzocyclobutenes was elaborated.



Laboratory of Halogen Compounds NIOC SB RAS
Head of Lab: Prof. Platonov, V.E.